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Anonymous Ten States with Lowest Average Annual Out-of-Pocket Limits
Anonymous Coverage Types of Medicare Beneficiaries
Anonymous American College of Radiology: Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question
Anonymous State by State Enrollment in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (August 31, 2012)
Anonymous Percent of Medicare Beneficiaries with Selected Health Needs
Anonymous Percent of Cell Phone Owners by Age Who Use Their Phone to Look up Health or Medical Information
Anonymous Ten Most Utilized (by Number of Unique Medicare Beneficiaries) High-Expenditure Medicare Part B Drugs
Anonymous National Commission on Physician Payment Reform: Six Principles That Should Guide Any System of Physician Payment Reform
Anonymous Top 10 Least Expensive Long-Term Care Nursing Centers (Private/Shared Room per Day)
Anonymous Total Global Life Science Industry R&D Spending by Year
Anonymous Leapfrog Group: 2012 Top Rural Hospitals
Anonymous Projected Economic Winners for 2013: Who Stakeholders Think Will be Economically Better Off This Time Next Year
Anonymous Percentage Who Feel Somewhat to Very Favorable about Individual Elements of the Affordable Care Act
Anonymous Importance of Medical Expenses in Planning for Retirement (2012)
Anonymous Top Focus Areas of Employer’s Health Care Strategy in 2013
Anonymous Employee Health Premium Contribution by Industry
Anonymous Sarah Woolsey MD, FAAPF: What Makes the Medical Home Valuable?
Anonymous Katie Sullivan: Best Practices to Reduce Costly Readmissions
Anonymous Most Mandated Benefits by State
Anonymous Five High-Level Issues to Consider in Shaping Employee Benefit Offerings
Anonymous Seven Ways Telemedicine Changes The New Face of Healthcare Landscapes
Anonymous % of adults aged 65+ who needed help with personal care from other persons: U.S., 1997–2013
Anonymous Top 5 Retail Clinic Operators
Anonymous 6 attributes of an mHealth 'super app'
Anonymous Brian Dolan : 12 trends for mobile health in 2012