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04/27/17 KHN: 5 Key Questions Regarding Cost-Sharing Subsidies
04/27/17 Reuters: Possible Outcomes from Stopping ACA Payments
04/26/17 BNA Survey: 5 Things to Know About 2018 Marketplace Premiums
04/26/17 Jennifer Zreloff, MD and Steven Blubaugh, MBA, MHA, CCE, CMPE: 8 Tips for a successful PCMH transformation
04/25/17 Truven: Top Small Health Systems (operating expense < $750 million)
04/25/17 Truven: Top Medium Health Systems (operating expense $750 million - $1.75 billion)
04/25/17 Truven: Top Large Health Systems (operating expense > $1.75 billion)
04/25/17 Cadent: 6 Things to Know About the State of Consumerism
04/24/17 Caron: 11 Questions for Physicians to Ask Their Health Plan Partners about Reporting
04/24/17 WalletHub: Top 5 States for Children's Health Care
04/24/17 HIMSS Analytics: Survey, Top Challenges Hospitals and Healthcare Systems Face in mHealth
04/24/17 HIMSS Analytics Survey: 5 Things to Know About Hospital Virtual Care Initiatives
04/24/17 Gallup: 10 States With Largest Reductions in Uninsured Rates, 2013-2016
04/24/17 LinkedIn: 10 Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs in the U.S.
04/24/17 Types of Wellness Programs Offered By Large Offering Employers, 2016
04/21/17 Becker's ASC: 5 states with the lowest EHR adoption rate
04/21/17 Becker's ASC: 5 states with the highest EHR adoption rate
04/21/17 JAMA: Top 10 Global Causes of Death in 2015
04/21/17 Bottom 10 States for Hospital Safety Grades
04/21/17 Key strategies for the effective management of medical benefit drug spend
04/21/17 Six Things to Know about Medical Benefit Prescription Spending
04/20/17 Hospital Safety Grade: Top 10 Hospitals By State
04/19/17 Mary Rechtoris: 3 main obstacles to implementing predictive analytics solutions in hospital systems
04/19/17 GenRe: The most significant barriers for insurers that are not yet implementing predictive analytics
04/19/17 Spok: Change in Hospitals' Adoption of Mobile Strategies, 2012-2017