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1,432 Fact Based Chuck Rolfsen: 5 Strategies for ACOs to Engage with High Cost Patients 05/26/16
1,310 Fact Based Sara Heath: 3 important EHR tools that help accountable care organizations do their jobs 04/05/16
1,262 Fact Based Deloitte: Insights from the 2016 Survey of US Health Care Consumers 05/20/16
1,163 Fact Based Chad Ellimoottil: 10 Facts About Medicare’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program 05/02/16
1,134 Fact Based CMS: Top 10 Highest Prescribing Specialties Under Medicare by total cost of prescriptions 07/08/16
961 Fact Based CMS Adds New Quality Measures to Nursing Home Compare 04/27/16
956 Fact Based Average Percent of Covered Drugs Subject to Coinsurance in PDPs 04/04/16
936 Fact Based Laurie McGinley: 7 Tips For Cancer Patients Worrying About The Cost Of Their Care 04/20/16
899 Fact Based Diana Furchtgott-Roth: 7 Ways Obamacare Failed Americans and Shortchanged the Country 03/30/16
879 Fact Based Robert Lacis: 6 Guidelines to Creating a Secure Mobile App for Providers 04/29/16
873 Fact Based IDC Health Insights HealthTech Rankings Top 5 06/24/16
862 Fact Based KFF: Public Perception of Which Health Plans Are Affected by Rising Premiums 07/06/16
857 Fact Based 14 latest hospital, health system CEO moves 06/23/16
843 Fact Based Five Findings from Recent Consumer Survey on Affordable Care Act 05/26/16
828 Fact Based Top 5 highest paid New York hospital officials ($Annually) 06/02/16
826 Fact Based William Goddard: 5 ways organizations can save money on rising medical insurance costs 08/15/16
824 Fact Based % Employee Participation by Health Plan Type 09/06/16
824 Fact Based KFF: Medicare as a share of the federal budget for 2015 07/21/16
817 Fact Based David Lee Scher: Five Ways Pharma Can Benefit From Digital Health Technologies 07/25/16
797 Fact Based Teresa Mears: 8 Ways to Get Help Paying (or Cutting) Medical Bills and Drug Costs 06/23/16