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Gavin Corey: Top 5 Questions To Ask In Your Population Health Platform RFP

Submitted by Charlene Ice on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 12:45

  1. What is your data aggregation process and what makes it different?
  2. How do you handle EHR and claims data sources?
  3. How are data normalized and validated and how is this integrity maintained over time?
  4. What is your platform’s frontend functionality and how does it enable users to make meaningful impacts across the organization?
  5. What added value will the vendor offer throughout the implementation, license, and potential growth of the platform?

Source: ArcTrends Blog, Arcadia Health Solutions, January 16, 2018
Source URL: http://www.arcadiasolutions.com/top-5-questions-ask-populati...

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