Despite all the video out there, podcasts continue to remain a popular vehicle for keeping current -especially for those trapped in a car, train or plane, or those enduring a long workout. There are of course many must-listen podcasts offered by individuals or specialtized sites, but here are direct links to five selected sources of podcasts from major organizations of note, that continue to roll out new offerings and that you can turn to new content:


HYP3R is a startup offering a real-time, location-based social media engagement platform. They have introduced the Geosocial Index, designed to measure "the world’s top places, ranked by social activity and capacity." The index focuses on measuring activity related to hotels, stadiums, airports, theme parks, landmarks, and yes - hospitals.

A quick examination of the top 15 YouTube videos by views this year as of today, returned with the search term healthcare, provides these fairly useless takeaways on how to get your healthcare video to the top of the list:

What to make of the health care bill just passed by the house? We've got you covered. We selected six key videos and posted them in HealthShareTV, discussing various policy, political and practical aspects regarding the impact of the bill passing the house:

A plethora of pieces are published on millennials and healthcare social media, given that millennials are the drivers of social media and with every year they age, healthcare moves up another notch in awareness. Here's a sampling of writings in the past few weeks on this topic:


Whether you want to post or browse about repeal and replace or the ACA, its helpful to know which hashtags are getting the most traction in discussion around the twittosphere.

We compiled a list of the hashtags surrounding the debate and had them analyzed using, which tracks twitter usage during the past 36 hours or so. As of noon Eastern time today, here’s what we found for twenty one selected hashtags that had surfaced the most during our research, presented in alphabetical order:

#aca 705 posts | 2,191,075 reach
#ahca 405 posts | 18,106,544 reach

2017 Social Media Predictions

Wed, 12/14/2016 - 20:01

Looking beyond just healthcare, what do experts see as major overall social media trends for 2017?


Anna Johansson writes in Forbes tells us five ways millennial social media habits will change In 2017:

eBizMBA provides rankings of webiste volume by various content categories, including healthcare. The3 eBizMBA Rank is "a continually updated average of each website's Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quantcast."

Here are their top 15 healthcare websites as of October 1, 2016, with corresponding estimated inuqie monthly visitors:

While making the rounds in reviewing August reporting on healthcare social media, here's some selected items that caught the eye:

Last month, Symplur was again asked by the UK's PM Society for their 2016 Digital Awards in London to analyze and present the winner of the Social Media Pharma Company of the Year award. So what goes into determining a social media company of the year?