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Mike Townsend: 11 Ideas For Healthcare Innovation

Submitted by ASchreiber on Tue, 01/23/2018 - 11:27

  1. Rethinking Advance Care Planning
  2. Better post-acute rating and referral system
  3. Better use of health tracking hardware
  4. Real-time logistics tracking within the Hospital
  5. A Cost-Effective Alternative to the 9–1–1 Ambulance
  6. Care Coordination Technology for the Public Sector
  7. Resident Scheduling and Communication Platform
  8. A tool to manage medication reconciliation
  9. Build Electronic Visit Verification 2.0
  10. A telehealth platform for integrative medicine
  11. Simple interface for insurance pre-approval

Source: Tincture, January 22, 2018
Source URL: https://tincture.io/eleven-ideas-for-healthcare-innovation-4...

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